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cotton eye joe was the song of the century




anyone who tells you otherwise probably sucks at doing the dance

fun fact: ive listened to this song while i jacked off to hentai one time

Justin how is that fact fun at all


would not be surprised if the CIA wanted to recruit me.  I have medium knowledge of memes, know how to use calculator, and have broad shoulders.  the three most important CIA skills


Natural Eye Color Chart


Natural Eye Color Chart

ugh tomorrow is my mom’s wake and things i am not looking forward to include:

  1. seeing my mom with corpse makeup and shit because it’s open-casket
  2. seeing my dad see my mom
  3. wearing a suit all day
  4. people asking me about work/future
  5. people saying “she was so proud of you” or “she loved you” because things like that might make me cry
  6. my boss and coworker(s? please no) coming because my family will make that awkward. if my one coworker (who btw is not single) shows up then i know at least one of my aunts/uncles is going to be like HEY SHES CUTE WHO IS THAT WHY DONT YOU ASK H
  7. my relatives telling me i’m not grieving correctly because i’m ‘too quiet.’ fuck the fuck right the fuck off
  8. just everyone just go away leave me alone let me clean the house oh my god